Civility hopes to trump Tea Party

There might be a glimmer of hope with the start of the Laredo Coffee Party – we will see in the near future.

Take The Coffee Sphere questionnaire to see where you fall on many current topics. You can use it to compare to others and have a intelligent discourse and ask honest questions in a civil manner.

LaSanbe’s video clip of today’s Laredo Tea Party Rally made me squirm. Enough yelling at each other, let’s sit down for a cup of coffee and talk to each other.


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8 Responses to Civility hopes to trump Tea Party

  1. Miguel says:

    I watched the video and all I saw were folks exercising 1st Amendment rights. I did not see anyone yelling at someone else.

    • que fregados says:

      Let me clarify – their message made me squirm but they have a right to say it if they want. The “enough yelling at each other” comes from other rallies that have opposing views present. In Laredo, the Tea Party is small and the rallies have been loud; but in all fairness, they have also presented to civic groups in a more unified manner rather than into a mic.

  2. despeinada says:

    Agreed. We live in a country with freedom of speech and everybody has the right to express his/her opinion. Alas, much of what is said at these Tea Party rallies is just not based on facts but on misinformation and scare tactics. Anger and bigotry is for many -not for all- the driving factor. A lot of what is said and written on their posters is horrendous. Even if Presidents Obama were to fix the economy and eliminate the deficit by tomorrow, they would still hate him and protest and complain because, according to them, he is a tax-raising, free-spending black Democrat, who wasn’t even born in this country. If they are so concerned about the deficit, where was all this outrage for the last eight years when Bush spent all the surplus and put us in the hole big time?

    • Miguel says:

      Please show me one Tea Party rally poster that says anything about Obama being black. The only people who ever try top make that an issue are those who are opposed to the Tea Partiers.

      • que fregados says:

        The origins of the current Tea Party are understandable and valuable – it is what it has become that is questionable.

        “White Slavery”, a picture of an Obama-look-a-like slicing Uncle Sam’s throat, “Stand idle while some Kenyan tries to destroy America? WAP!! I don’t think so!!! Homey don’t play dat!!!” Those are extreme comments.

        • Miguel says:

          None of the signs in the Huffington Post blog can be proven to be from a true Tea Party supporter. And that is the dilemma the “haters” will continue to have now that their attempts to “crash the Party” have been outed.

          • despeinada says:

            “Black” is probably one of the “nicer” word used. I’ve heard much worse. It’s freedom of speech, but definitely not civil discourse. And yeah, conspiracy theories are always present too.

          • Miguel says:

            1 – You have gone to the Tea Partys and heard what words? You are not parroting the unproven claims of some of our Congress folks are you? They made that same claim when there were multiple cameras all over the place and not a single one picked up what was allegedly said.

            2 – As I linked to already, there is a serious effort underway by some to discredit the Tea Party folks by infiltrating and posing as one while acting the fool.

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