Beware, Laredo: Tactical Nuclear Penguin beer hitting U.S.

In the Azteca neighborhood, a man proudly flies his Budweiser flag

In the land where Budweiser seems to be most popular (sorry Miller and others), where entertainment is usually a carne asada and beer, and where “there is nothing else to do but drink” (said a friend of mine, hijole), it is a scary thought to read about a new brand of beer that concentrates its alcohol content. As if people needed help getting drunk. Time Magazine had an article on BrewDog’s newest creation, the Tactical Nuclear Penguin beer:

In November BrewDog, a Scottish microbrewery started three years ago, released a new brand, dubbed Tactical Nuclear Penguin. The beer set a new record by weighing in at a scary 32% alcohol-by-volume, over six times the strength of familiar domestic brands like Budweiser. As explained on a cheeky video on the company’s website (warning: the clip contains simulated penguin sex), the brewery was able to attain such a high alcohol content for its product by freezing the beer at a local ice cream factory, at temperatures as low as -6 degrees, for 21 days. Alcohol freezes at lower temperatures than water, and removing water from the solution increased the alcohol concentration.

Read more:,8599,1978705,00.html#ixzz0koyl817U

Where is Nancy Reagan to tell us to “Just Say No” to this beer and all other beer? As a non-drinker in a very drinking oriented culture, I hope we don’t actually see this beer on our shelves. Maybe the price will scare people away? Boo to drinking and to my friend – there are PLENTY of other ways to entertain yourself aside from drinking, borracha!

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