Hot water fountains – not a tourist attraction

Imagine my surprise when I bent down to take a sip and BURNED MY TONGUE. Ok, I exaggerate but it was fregado hot! It isn’t even summer weather in Laredo yet but in a little trip to Los Dos Laredos Park during this past week’s mini-heat wave reminded me that I need to insulate my exposed water pipes. It isn’t that I fear my pipes breaking from some freeze like they did back home; no, it is just that I think it is annoying to have to wait for the water to run before cool water begins to come out. I went to my local “home center” (where are the hardware stores?) and picked up some pipe insulation to lessen the Laredo heat hitting the copper pipes.

Logic should tell me that the same should go for water fountains in South Texas but … fair warning to all – water fountains are awesome, just not on the first drink.

Work in Zapata today so let’s hope I don’t run into any evil hot fountains waiting to scald my tongue over there 🙂

At least it worked and was somewhat clean - not like other water fountains in Laredo


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One Response to Hot water fountains – not a tourist attraction

  1. ___chavo says:

    ___when they provide hot water, make some coffee or tea (but do not join their political party)

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