Greenvergüenzas, unite!

After reading Cafe Media’s “The Greenvergüenza Revolution”, I think I just may fall into this category. Not because of the noted stealing, the untended garbage or owning a shoebox car, no, not anything like that.

When you consider the oft-quoted truism “Necessity is the mother of invention” and you factor in a sinvergüenza’s essentially boundless (nonexistent, really) moral compass, you quickly see why sinvergüenzas have pioneered the green revolution, pushing limits to where others wouldn’t dare.

Hmmm… kinda sounds like me except for the moral compass. Oh yeah, I got plenty of compass. What I mean is that many Latinos like me (the poor kind) were “green” before it was hip to be.

How many of us remember thrift store toys? hand-me-downs from the neighbors? and I don’t care what you think cuz I am wearing my trenzas tied with shoelaces? (ok, that last one might have only been me)

Well as a greenvergüenza, I still shop at any thrift store I spot. I still reuse all kinds of bags and lately have been carrying around an HEB bag as my purse – yes, I do work and no, I don’t care.

If you look at my house, everything has been
1) dumpster-dived,
2) government auctioned,
3) scratch & dent bought,
4) home-made,
5) yard sale bought (especially church rummage sales),
6) Guadalupe, Santa Fe or Hwy 359 flea market find,
7) used goods auctions,
8 ) hand-me-down furniture,
9) thrift stores (Goodwill, Habitat, SalArmy & Serving the Need are my buds),
10) Craigslist bought,
11) classified ad in LMT or Bargain book found,
12) Ebay auction or
13) used to belong to my grandparents.

And, since they can be counted on to place conventional thinking gently to one side (usually right onto the railroad tracks) in favor of the radical, the unusual and the downright weird, it is not surprising that human history is speckled with greenvergüenzas at the extremes of all major trends and movements — including being ecologically conscious.

Imagine my shock when I first came to Laredo and recycling wasn’t a big practice. My staff criticized me for driving what they called a clunker, but I called my “paid in full” ride. I had stepped into status-land with women wearing heels and full make-up to go to class – ‘tan locas.

My greenvergüenza self just kept on being the same, even if myself meant wearing tennis shoes with my formal suits and pantyhose. I was so not going to sacrifice my feet to look taller than what I already am. No way! Comfort was the goal. On my off days, I would wear my tattered Chucks that still have the original old medallion for the laces even though they now have holes on the bottom and sides.

I recycle even though I know the city has problems with some recyclable items. And for sure, I will be at the Earth Day festival this Saturday because us greenvergüenzas no nos rajamos (we don’t give up) and we have to share more green ideas with each other.

By the way, Cafe Magazine is out of Chicago – co-started by a college classmate of mine – the subscription is free and it has some pretty interesting articles. Check it out if you get the chance.


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10 Responses to Greenvergüenzas, unite!

  1. Gaby says:

    Go greenverguenza!!

  2. MaryHelen says:

    Yay for recycling! I’ll be there at the Earth Day Festival, and I’m taking my sistas with me! :o)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Awebo puro Greenverguenza

    puro thrit store

  4. Lynne Nava says:

    A soul sister for sure! Everyone laughs when they see my purse a dollar store bag that reminds the world not to be trashy! In addition my wallet is a wallet first aid kit that was finished with it’s first journey in life! Hand me downs are the best – broken in and soft to the touch! Green yes! Verguenza never! Thanks for reminding me I just love living as simply as possible!

    • que fregados says:

      Lynne – thought you might like to know that Cafe Media somehow picked up this post so you will be happy to know that our Earth Day Fest flyer appears on their facebook page in Chicago. Yay!

  5. Glad you liked “Walk on the Green Side.” I’ll be hosting a special live web show called EcoChat on Cafe’s website Monday night at 8pm CST where you can meet some of the people featured in the magazine. Hope you can make it!


    • que fregados says:

      I would love to participate but I have class at that time. I read the Cafe article highlighting the eco leaders and thought they were true leaders. Do you archive “echochat”? I will keep searching your site but I hope that you do. I just subscribed, too. Thanks.

  6. Chicagoense says:

    Yey for greenverguenza!

  7. Jenna says:

    “I had stepped into status-land with women wearing heels and full make-up to go to class – ‘tan locas.” I loved this! That’s one thing I don’t miss about Laredo…I can be seen without makeup, wear clothes from Target and drive my old (by Laredo standards) car without feeling like less of a person 😛

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