Top 10 reasons Laredoans don’t return their census forms

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April 1 – The Official Census Mail-In Due Date has come and gone but it is not too late to turn in your census form.

With all the chatter of the census participation rate being low (follow link to see how your tract is doing, updated daily) and the “be counted” assistance centers going unused (maybe if they publicized where they were…), I thought I would come up with the top 10 reasons we are not turning in our census forms.

Reason why I have not turned in my census form:

10. I didn’t know it was that time of the decade again!?!?
9. I haven’t finished counting how many people live in our house.
8. I don’t want big brother to find out where I live. Is this envelope getting my fingerprints?
7. I can’t figure out what race I am? Where is the brown section?
6. It’s not mañana yet
5. Oh, I thought income tax returns were due today, not the census
4. More people counted in the census = more politicians! Guacatelas!
3. I’m testing to see if I really will get arrested for violating the law
2. The Tea Party told me not to

and the #1 reason I have not returned my census form

1. If my census form represents $1000 for my community, then I want it cash instead

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Even though I jest, it is important for our communities to return the census. From my understanding, other cities and counties are even investing money to make it happen but… not Laredo and Webb… maybe this will change so that we have an accurate view of who and how many are actually our neighbors 🙂

Oh, and how could I forget? Ask A Chola (radio, internet & Facebook personality) really cracks me up with her response to the “race” question:


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3 Responses to Top 10 reasons Laredoans don’t return their census forms

  1. despeinada says:

    We sent it back before the deadline…not your typical Laredoans, I guess.

  2. ___Chuy says:

    ____i am waiting for my girlfriend to deliver at Mercy, her name is OctaMaMa . . . (i am gonna need more pages for my census form)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jajaja funny wuevones

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