Hope Andrade stopped by our fair city

Texas Secretary of State, Hope Andrade

Secretary of State, Hope Andrade, stopped by the hottest thing around, Laredo, Texas (credit where credit is due: My friend Julie wants the new Laredo motto to be “Laredo, the Hottest Thing Around!” so we are adopting it here at que fregados).

She visited the Larga Vista Community Center to chat with the community about the importance of the U.S. Census. We, of course, already know this but the hope is that no one forgets that it is due APRIL 1. Her point was also well taken that if you mail it in, it costs the U.S. $ .44 cents but if you don’t mail it in and a census worker has to go knock on your door, it is costing us (the U.S.) more than $80+ dollars. So save some the country some cash and send it in.

Also present were Judge Danny Valdez and Commissioner Wawi Tijerina. They stuck to comments about the census but when all was done, I asked why they were so physically different. Apparently running for office helps 1) Danny Valdez get a nice tan from all the events out in the sun and 2) Wawi Tijerina lose a lot of weight from all the block walking she and her team has been doing. We chatted about the county’s wellness effort and she said she would definitely be there tomorrow walking with employees but with so many events on her plate, she would be jetting here and there all day long.

So there you go – if you want a tan and to lose some weight, run for office!!

Before someone comments, that was a joke. Of course we all want candidates who are honest, fair, hard-working, effective, ethical, knowledgeable, etc., etc., etc. So if you fit these qualities, THEN run for office.

Councilwoman Cindy Liendo, Judge Danny Valdez, Commissioner Wawi Tijerina, a rep, and Texas Secretary of State Hope Andrade


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2 Responses to Hope Andrade stopped by our fair city

  1. Rossy says:

    hi, I’m Rossy you have a web page very
    interesting, my opinion you most put some pictures more to each event, to when, we show to our children they ask me to a autograph. i’m sorry my write, but I’m trying. Thank you see you tomorrow.

    • que fregados says:


      Me da gusto que me escribiste!! Se nota que las clases de ingles van bien.

      Disculpame pero le quite mi nombre porque este sitio es medio anonimo – medio porque mucha gente sabe quien lo escribe pero… la mayoria no.

      A ver si unos de estos dias escribo sobre las famosas promotoras del programa colonias 🙂 El problema es que ando como loca como siempre con mis proyectos. Te veo mañana!

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