Broncos lose for now, hopefully not for long

I think most of Laredo was surprised to hear that an outside organization got the deal for a new multi-million dollar baseball stadium and the Broncos, who’ve been faithful to the city and have a hometown feel (rather than the cold corporate culture that we keep being fed by city council since Arena Ventures and other giant projects), are being left out with a simple vote this past Monday.

City Council voted as such: Michael Landeck, Cindy Liendo Espinoza and Jose Valdez Jr. voted against. Gene Belmares, Hector “Tito” Garcia, Juan Narvaez and Johnny Rendon voted in favor. Mike Garza was conveniently absent.

Laredo Morning Times quoted Jose Melendez in a March 16th story lamenting,

“It was a really big surprise to me,” said a nearly speechless Melendez. “It was a big blow.”

Our friends at also blogged about the issue and the DOUBTS that are now being raised about Ventura Sports Group’s background.

The Laredo Morning Times also had a story titled Broncos’ Future Unclear in today’s March 17th issue that talked about some of the questions raised:

During the next month, city staff will be taking a closer look at the history of the potential operator of Laredo’s new ballpark. It is a history that includes a pending lawsuit in El Paso and the folding of baseball teams in St. Joseph, Mo., and Atlantic City, N.J.“We want to put everything on the table,” Laredo City Manager Carlos Villarreal told council members Monday.“For us not to do so means us not doing our jobs.”

Said pending lawsuit is found online on the El Paso County website.

Civil Records Detail Results

In the 448TH DISTRICT COURT El Paso County, Texas
Cause No. 2010-074
Filed on 01/08/2010
Current Status: Filed

Vodpod videos no longer available.

City council members, reconsider the choices you make and the money that is spent. Consider that supporting business and growth does not mean always choosing seemingly sweetheart deals that end up biting us in the butt and lose the identity that Laredo has tried to work for. No more big business with big promises – let’s support Laredo’s growth with Laredo’s own. Oh yeah, and stick to your word!

It doesn’t take much looking at the community’s reaction on Laredo Morning Times comments on both above stories and Pro8News’ blog, along with other local blogs. Tsk, tsk.


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5 Responses to Broncos lose for now, hopefully not for long

  1. macast says:

    It is called politics.

  2. ____mighty casey has struck out . . .

  3. Anonymous says:

    don’t understand why people are surprised. nobody ever went to see the broncos play anyways???

  4. Duped says:

    I feel duped by the city. I voted in favor of the stadium with the Broncos in mind. Local team, new stadium, better city image…maybe not. More like self-serving politicians, special interests, etc.

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