Reading Across America or just across St. Peter’s Plaza?

The kids at the end of the Read Across America mini-parade at the Superintendents office

The kids at the end of the Read Across America mini-parade

Morning fun with Dr. Seuss hats was taking place at the LISD Superintendent’s office with Dr. Nelson surrounded. I am glad they are encouraging reading but… I am still trying to figure out how a mini-parade fits into the whole idea? Also, wouldn’t money have been better spent on a few Dr. Seuss books rather than Cat in the Hat hats? (note – tangent ahead) I’ve always been puzzled by the back-to-school supply drives because schools are big money wasters, too. Why not just swap out unnecessary things like… big funny hats… and pool the money for each class to buy the supplies they will need for the entire class – no comparing brands, everyone has what they need, parents aren’t given lists of gobs of junk to buy that their child will probably get from someone donating to them, and overall creating a more efficient centralized system. Just a thought – and a way to get you to read a few more words! Ha, my own reading incentives are hopefully working 🙂 Now if only we could get kids to read for reading instead of marching for reading…

Oh yes, I almost forgot. It was also covered by Pro8News.


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2 Responses to Reading Across America or just across St. Peter’s Plaza?

  1. Et tu Rosse says:

    You know, at the beginning of the new school year I was surprised (and disappointed) that a standard dictionary wasn’t a required school supply at my daughter’s elementary school. Given the language and learning difficulties that plague Laredo schools, shouldn’t this be a school supply must? A thesaurus and English/Spanish dictionary wouldn’t hurt either.

    And your damn right my daughter has all three resources at her disposal! ^_^

  2. Macast says:

    What about all the time they are taking-off from reading and learning phonics?
    Wasting time out there instead of reading the actual Dr. Seuss books. And then they wonder why the students are getting low scores.
    Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

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