More gunfire this morning in Nuevo Laredo

What is going on in our sister city? The newspaper and TV stations in Nuevo Laredo are mum – understandably with all the threats they have received. What is weird is that the U.S. media is not reporting the war that is only a few miles away from us.

My friend was coming to visit today and she said she could not leave the house because there were more gun battles this morning near Colonia Guerrero by the Unidad Deportiva in Nuevo Laredo. Another friend said there was another gun battle this weekend after the big BOOMS of Friday night (Feb 19). Even my doctor told me that a friend of his was in Nuevo Laredo, was caught near the crossfire and was carjacked by gunmen whose car wouldn’t go anymore after being riddled with bullets. He, his wife & baby are safe but their car was taken as a getaway car.

It is crazy but crazier that we don’t know how to stay safe, who are the targets, where not to travel through and who is battling whom. Let’s just hope for minimal loss of innocent lives.


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8 Responses to More gunfire this morning in Nuevo Laredo

  1. em gee says:

    this is getting scary! rumor has it (and obviously commone sense) not to travel to nvo. laredo for at least 3 months….thank you for keeping us posted.

    • ___angel says:

      ___classes in Nuevo Laredo cancelled early
      ___businesses closed
      ___Bridge is jammed packed of citizens fleeing
      ___reported soldiers and civilians wounded, kidnappings, gunbattles in the colonias
      ___reported gunbattles in Matamoros, Ciudad Acuna and Guerrero
      ___local police on the alert at the bridges

      ___more important, what’s gonna become of my social life ????

  2. Keyrose says:

    That’s crazy. 3 months?! I have to see my dentist to get a crown fitted.

  3. rick78 says:

    N.Laredo and mayor Salinas deny any violence .

  4. Et tu Rosse says:

    Don’t know who to fear more, the cartels or the mayor and media’s “nothing to see here, all is normal” attitude. :/

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