Some people are SERIOUS about their WBCA parade seats

midday Friday by Bruni Plaza on San Bernardo

red tent at Bruni Plaza on San Bernardo

play tent set up at Bruni Plaza on San Bernardo

With all the tents set up around Bruni Plaza on San Bernardo, I wasn’t sure if the homeless were getting a hand up in their shelter. Of course, with all the chained chairs scattered around, we can all guess that these are just die-hard WBCA parade fans (and kids) ready for tomorrow morning.

If parade goers can set up & stay in tents, why can’t the homeless? Just wondering.

I just noticed that also has some nice shots of all the chairs. Check ’em out!


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4 Responses to Some people are SERIOUS about their WBCA parade seats

  1. rick78 says:

    This makes me want to puke!

  2. cheLLa says:


    that totally reminds me of what was going on in my civic backyard: you should’ve seen the set-ups for all of the lundi/mardi gras parades up and down st. charles street here in new orleans! tents, ladders with little boxes at the top for children to sit in (which i won’t bother going into but am horrified when i see them in action), coolers, little grills with actual fires going, d.i.y. bartending benches, etc! and believe it or not, it’s actually quite a family-oriented affair! hehe

    i’m actually sad to miss the WBCA-mania… it totally runs in my blood, yo… my daddio loved that shizznit (i still have his little fancy golden ‘caballero’ pin that they give to the viejitos who were past blah-blahs) and i was a total WBCA baby and still have my tacky little abrazo costume to prove it! hehe… as a matter of fact, i was reminiscing just early today about how my father came home one evening with a bunch of little baggies that had ‘laredoooo proud’-esque stickers (omg, who remembers those commercials?!), a papelito of sorts, and dark green jellybeans that were jalapeno flavoured (which let me tell you, they changed my personal flavour palate for everrrr) that upon retrospect was prolly jalapeno festival promo: brilliant!

    i was sorta thinking about saving beads from the festivities here in noLa and recycling them in laredo for an event such as the ‘grand parade’ (if that’s still what it’s called). but then, i’d really have to make sure they’d go to use to justify dragging 70 lbs of sparkly cheap plastic 13 hours south! hahah

    y el childrens’ parade? does that still happen?

  3. que fregados says:

    cheLLa – keep scrolling you, Abrazo child, you.

  4. cheLLa says:

    hahaha, the order of the most recent post makes the puke comment look like it’s in reference to mine! which is prolly just as well…. hahahhaa

    and btw, QF, i love this site…. it’s quite a welcome slice of home with a nice little sprinkling of humour and educated objectivity (or even subjectivity, hehe). i only wish such healthy social commentary was more welcome within other areas of the public arena.

    btw, i was just reading an article that made me wonder: how much money does the city of laredo generate as a result of WBCA?

    a tulane univ study was done last year on mardi gras and they were contrasting the investment (much of which is privately sponsored by wealthy locals who ‘ride’ in ‘krewes’ and then of course accommodated by the city) versus the profit made after the fact and “the average rider in a parade spends $600 to $800 just on throws, with some high rollers spending $2,500 or more. For a mega-parade like Endymion, with over 2,000 riders, that means upwards of $1.5 million of goodies tossed in a matter of hours”…. which sounds crazyyy for made-in-china trinkets, but “the 2009 Mardi Gras season found the celebration resulted in a $145.7 million direct economic impact and an indirect economic impact of $322 million for the city of New Orleans”!! !

    i know this has been said for years, but think if we had more events throughout the entire year that really celebrated (as opposed to exploited, which is the word i nearly used ! :O haha) local culture and activity (or even participated in something important with the rest of the world a’la ‘VAG MONS’ and marketed them in a more high profile manner (and perhaps involved sponsors that might be interested like PBS for starters), the city might find a nice way to stimulate the local economy and showcase its talent….

    but why preach to the choir, no? hehe

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