Have you seen any bright green light in the sky? I haven’t.

I used to visit Craigslist daily but the Laredo one SUCKS! If more people used it, more would mark which are spam and it would be a much cleaner site. Every once in a while you run across a gem, though. I bought an antique bench for close to nothing – here in Laredo. I gave away some of my Aloe Vera plants that I had dug out of my yard through Craigslist. I’ve even announced volunteer meetings through the site, also.

I ran across this posting in the community section of Craigslist. I have never used it as my source for documentation though – but why not? This guy did. Because there isn’t much local Laredo use, I thought I would share it with you:

Green lights in the sky
Date: 2010-01-22, 1:11PM CST

Last night Thursday Jan. 21, at approx. 10:30pm I witnessed a bright green light in the sky. The light was very bright and green. It was heading down towards the surface of the earth, almost like a meteor. Several observations baffled me. The light seemed to turn off before it got close to the ground. There was also a loud sound almost like a jet passing by. I was with four other friends. Two of us noticed the light then about 2 minutes after a second bright green light came down from the sky with the same characteristic. We all saw the second light. Both were seen from the North, we were in the Santa Rita subdivision.
Why am I posting this? Not to suggest that it was a UFO. I simply want to document this in case some one else saw this.

Let’s hope these five friends were not drinking enough to get them to see green lights when they are driving.

I guess this could have been a green light in the sky...


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29 Responses to Have you seen any bright green light in the sky? I haven’t.

  1. sawittoo says:

    Crazy, I saw the same thing around the same time. Just like the poster described it, a bright green light falling to earth. However, I did not hear any sound and I only saw it once. I was in North Laredo (Plantation), and I thought it was just fireworks, maybe a Roman Candle being fired somewhere near the San Isidro-Doctors Hospital area. But, if they also witnessed it in the Santa Rita area, then obviously it was not fireworks. I sometimes see what appear to be shooting stars from my vantage point in North Laredo, but this was the first time I witnessed something like that. So, the Santa Rita group was not dreaming or seeing things, I am an independent witness to the same phenomenon.

  2. que fregados says:

    Really? I wonder how many shared this sight in the sky? I am one of the biggest skeptics around but that doesn’t mean you didn’t see it, it just means *I* didn’t seen anything. Let’s see who else responds that also saw it or can give an explanation.

  3. sawittoo says:

    Hey Que,

    Nice blog site. Keep up the good work. I hope it catches on.

    I had not given the sighting a second thought until I read your post. I did some Googling and found this:


  4. Ray Gonzalez says:

    Hi guys im the original guy who posted my sighting from Santa Rita on Craigslist. First of all I like this site its nice to have a place like this.
    My friend who lives in Santa Rita claims that he has seen the lights on two other occasions during the day!
    I dont know whats going on but the fact that its going on all over thee world is kinda spooky.
    I wish NASA could come up with a logical explanation.

    I’ve seen shooting stars countless times before but this was different, it was just so green.

    • Anonymous says:

      My dad said he seen a bright green light the other night. He said it came straight down from the sky then he said it got about 50 to 60 feet from the ground,and then it turned at a right angle about 45 degrees and went about a half a mile straight into a grave yard beside the church out past his house. He drove out there today and he said there was no sign of anything there.

  5. sawittoo says:

    Well, after some further research, it appears that this event was most likely a meteor or space junk re-enetering the atmosphere. There are many similar accounts on the web, and some of the articles include quotes from scientists concluding that the green light can be produced by objects falling through the atmosphere. I will admit that it did not look like a normal shooting star and I always thought that meteors only appeared as bright white light. But, according to the information I read, meteors and space junk can also produce other colors, including the bright green light. Anyway, it was a very cool sighting, to say the least.

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  7. ___chavez says:

    (South of Laredo)
    possibly due to interception by American military aircraft. Photographic evidence was made of the alien bodies recovered (12-10-02)
    1 body recovered

  8. brandon says:

    I live in Iowa and was driving on I-80 west bound just past Davenport and saw a very bright green light falling from the sky my friend also saw it and said it was probably fireworks but there obviously is some kind of crazy stuff falling from space cuz fire works shoot upwards this came down from the sky !

    • Sandy says:

      Strange, but three years to the day we saw the same thing in Oak Grove, MN tonight. The whole eastern sky and ground lit up the house green, then traveled to the west. Northern light flares? Meteor? I just had to post because of the date coincidence.

  9. Pam says:

    My friend and I saw a NEON green jet-like falling thing come down fast at a 45 degree angle near the ground. It was bright and silent. It had a bright trailing green tail behind it. It looked like a cartoon lit up jet crashing towards the ground. It was silent and disappeared behind the tree line north of Clintonville, WI. We waited for a crash or vibration but there was nothing. Did anyone else see this? It looked like a vessel, not a meteorite. It was amazing and frightening. We could hardly believe our eyes. But believe it. We saw the exact same thing.

  10. kat says:

    I live in Victoria, Australia. Me and my friend also seen a bright green object falling to the earth. It was bright like the green on a traffic light. At first we thought it was a plane going down but it was so fast and so large then it disappeared. This was at 6:30 in the morning.

  11. isman says:

    hey , me too. i am from bandung, indonesia. I saw a bright green object (30-07-10, around 05.15am). it flew horizontally , without any sound.

    • Leah Kennedy says:

      I saw this when I was a kid. I have looked but no one else has either. I was walking in an orchard in bendersville Pennsylvania with my sister. It was light but about to be dark soon so kinda dusk but still bright enough to see clearly. When out of nowhere i saw this bright neon green light it was like a horizonal light beam segment. It looked like the shape of a rectangle that was like 4 inched long/wide and .5-1 inch high but i think that it may have been a small object travelings so fast that the light blurred and made it seem to be like a light segment. but anyhow the light appeared beside an appletree from now where it flew perfectly level and evenly around the tree which was only 2 yards from us and it dissappeared. this was before lasers even came out even so this was only a segment of quick moving light. it might have been moving too fast to see then slowed down and thats why we saw it then sped back up or it seriously appeared and disappeared. Whatever it was, It has left me a believer eversince. it was like it was a ufo or fairy or something at such a fast speed it looked like a rectangle but it was very very small as i said a few inches- half a food at most. I have not seen anyother ppl who have had the same sighting.

  12. rockyroad says:

    I saw the same thing back in March 2010 (I believe it was the 19th at about 10 PM). I was driving on I-81 in Virginia between Harrisonburg and Winchester and the green light happened to appear right in my view of the road. I was pretty freaked out and tried looking it up online when I got home to see if anyone else reported seeing the light. I did find someone who posted about seeing the same thing at the same time in Alexandria, VA, about an hour from where I saw it.

    This site actually makes me feel a lot better about what I may have seen. The “space junk” seems likely; it makes sense that different objects would cause different colors when they start dissolving in our atmosphere. Did anyone ever do the salt test in chemistry class? When you ignite different salts (made out of different chemicals), they turn different colors. It was definitely a fascinating phenomenon, and I hope I get to see it again someday.

  13. Jessica vasquez says:

    Last night on 10/17/10 at about 4:00am in Santa Ana Ca, on Fairview i notice the entire sky turn green like if the world was ending but no noise came from the lights because i thought it was thunder but the colors were green and blue and shortly after this came total blackout for about a min when the lights came back on.

    This was very scary

  14. L Perry says:

    I saw one this morning at 7:43 mst in Boise, Idaho. I would say it was the fastest object I’ve ever witnessed. The green was beautiful. I liken it to a very bright emerald crystal. It was traveling from the southwest coming down at a 70 degree angle to the surface. cool

  15. Brooke says:

    I saw the same thing just today (December 11/2010). I live in Houston, Texas and as my friend and I were driving home we saw a bright green light with a tail appear in the sky out of nowhere. The light was going at a diagonal and dissapeared after a few seconds. A very curious event.

  16. Will says:

    woa thats wierd, last night at about 8:30 i saw a green light in the same exact discription but i live on a 2,000 acre ranch and no one else lives out here so it couldnt have been fireworks or anyone and it was near my house. it was in the sky but not in space because it was infront of the mountain. im not real superstitious but there is nothing earthly that can do that. the sky left no trails of smoke or anything so it couldnt have been a flare or anything and it was really bright. all of my dogs were freaking out at it but before it hit the ground it dissapeared. kinda spooky. any other suggustions other then freaking space trash because im loading up on ammo untill someone figures this out.

  17. Daurio says:

    I would love to find out really what this was cause last night feb.26 2011 my friend and i were walking home at 3 am from a buddies house and i saw the bright green light fall from the sky and then after a sound like a military jet had gone by and that sound lasted for a couple of min. I live in Wasaga Beach on. Canada and this was the first time i ever saw something like this and i find this site interesting cause at least i know this happens all over. any other thery then space junk?

  18. EC says:

    We are waiting for new messages on the same topic :). We want to know what it was, too.

  19. goldfish says:


  20. Steve says:

    I remember I saw that green huge light in the sky ! I was with my friends and I was stunned that I didnt even say a word while watching it ! and it took like about 40secs before it disappeared! First time to witness such a light for such a long time ! my meteors and shotting stars sightings were always like a 1 to 2 sec duration! This was a sighting I wont ever forget! 40sec of Huge Green thing in the sky moving in high speed and the colors around were stunning… !

  21. robert says:

    i seen it a month ago twice, 2 weeks apart in orland park illinois. it looked like a roman candle green ball shot from space. one came traight down, the other on a slight angle. both times the color green was like a neon toxic green, close to the object

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  23. M says:

    THere was just a bright/neon green light circling around outside my window and I was looking at it freaking out – my eyes started to hurt because it was so bright, I looked away and it is gone. I am freaked out. I thought I noticed something similar a few weeks ago but passed it off to my imagination. Now, I’m weirded out – in San Francisco.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Could these bright green lights perhaps be LCD lighst?

  25. Alisha says:

    About 11:00 pm in foyil ok I was sitting with my husband and out of the corner of my eye I seen a bright light. I turned a seen it was bright green a little smaller then the moon. It went horizontal towards the ground. No tail or sound come from this.

  26. Anonymous says:

    At 5:54 thiz morning On the way 2 work eye seen an object n the sky traveling toward earth , it waz green, brite green like a stop light. It had the same charactoristics az a fallin star but waz not 1 ..it had a tail but waz not connected, & seemed 2 be broken twice , it carried no noise & seemed to disappear about 1 mile frum the ground..eye have seen a lot of thingz but the brite green light that eye seen thiz mornin, NE of Springfield Illinois. All most made me reck my bike!!!!! WTF….

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